18/10/2009 Chris Hill-Scott’s photo blog

Now with words

18 / 10 / 2009

This website has been around three-and-a-third years, in its current, photoblog-esque incarnation. So changing the format to include longer bits of writing like most other blogs have is a bigger deal than it sounds. And it’s also a new step for me: I’ve never actually had a personal blog, despite having written my university dissertation on their design.

Initially I’ll probably add a few of the things I’ve written for Ride UK, as well as various other publications and websites. But hopefully, eventually, I’ll branch out into writing some pieces exclusive to this site (with a remit of BMX or photography-focused essays).

Why I’m doing this

  1. I want what I do to be seen by as many people as are interested in it, writing not exempted.
  2. Increasingly, this is going to mean more self-publishing, especially online. I should probably have started that sentence with “while I still love print”, like every other diatribe on the state of BMX media, but I’ll leave that (or not) for when I do write a diatribe on the state of BMX media—it’s certainly something I’ve been thinking about a lot.

So consider this a first step in the next direction of this website. Where this is actually going to lead is about as clear to you as it is to me. Which is pretty much where I started three-and-a-third years ago with the photos.