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I usually travel with minimal luggage. But in the last couple of years my trips have always involved motorbikes, camping, or cold weather. Each of which need special clothing or equipment.

On this trip, none of those things were a concern. So I thought I’d do an experiment to see just how little it was possible to take.

The premise:

Here is everything I took:




Clockwise from top left:

  1. trainers
  2. sunglasses
  3. wallet (space for 4 cards and a few notes)
  4. clear plastic bag (for airport security)
  5. contact lenses × 7
  6. toothbrush (cut down on a bench grinder)
  7. 25ml toothpaste
  8. waterproof jacket
  9. merino wool t-shirt
  10. merino wool underpants
  11. swim shorts
  12. merino wool socks
  13. headphones
  14. phone (with installed)
  15. passport
  16. European socket to USB adapter
  17. USB to lightning cable